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Headache Pain Management

from Forces of Nature Medicine

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Quick Overview

Stop headache pain quickly without toxic chemicals.

Relieves headache pain fast.
Topically applied plant oils start working immediately to ease pain.
Offers a safe alternative to over-the-counter pain medications.
The only FDA-registered certified, organic headache remedy, our plant-based treatment safely relieves pain without harmful side effects.
Treats a wide range of headache symptoms.
From throbbing sinus infections to searing headache pain, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and analgesics offer fast relief.

Results may vary.

Get Relief from Tension Headaches and Sinus Headaches

This is a very strong and fast-acting headache remedy. It contains certified organic medicinal plants and is for topical application to provide immediate headache relief. The certified organic medicinal plants in this treatment provide a desired anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. And, because we are so confident that this unique proprietary formula will work every time, we offer a one-year, money back guarantee!

Headache Pain Management features our unique dual modality approach to healing. It combines certified organic homeopathic medicines which activate immune parameters to help balance the system with certified organic essential oils which are soothing and nourishing.

This dual modality approach expands and supports the action of the homeopathic medicine, thereby delivering two actions in one. Our medicines are manufactured in our pharmacy and formulated by our Naturopathic Doctor and company Biologist specializing in plant medicine. Headache Pain Management is very powerful and delivers results.

This breakthrough headache medicine is the world's first and only FDA registered certified organic headache remedy. It delivers a pronounced therapeutic effect to ease headaches upon application. The analgesic properties of the active ingredients deliver results time after time.

In fact, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that more than 80% of those who used homeopathic remedies for headaches found significant improvement in their symptoms. Their study found several homeopathic preparations to be effective to remedy sinus and tension headaches. Symptoms treated include throbbing and burning head pain. We have included multiple homoeopathic remedies proven effective to remedy headaches in Headache Pain Management in order to deliver a broad spectrum healing effect.

Ingredients - Headache Pain Management

Forces of Nature uses only the finest ingredients sourced directly from the farm. They are Certified Organic and Theraputic Grade plant-based medicines.

Active Ingredients

Iris Versicolor* 30C (common name: Purple Iris)
Remedy for Headaches

Lavendula Vera* 12X (common name: English Lavender)
Remedy for Headaches and Lack of Focus

Silicea* 30C (common name: Silica)
Relieves Inflammation and Pressure

Inactive Ingredients

Lavandula Super Oil* (common name: Lavender Oil)
• Calms the System

Rosemary Verbenone Oil* (common name: Rosemary Oil)
• Promotes Circulation to Relieve Pain

Sesamum Indicum Oil* (common name: Sesame Oil)
• Provides Deep Penetrating Action

*Certified Organic


Apply to temples and back of the neck as needed, rub gently into the skin. For children under 2 years of age, consult a doctor before use.


For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes; in the event of contact, flush with water and seek advice from medical personnel. If condition worsens or does not improve after regular use of product as directed, consult a doctor. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin, use for prolonged periods, or use over raw surfaces or blistered areas without consulting a doctor.

Some individuals may be sensitive to tea tree or other oils.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use.

Not to be used with children under 2 years of age without physician direction. Do not use for diaper rash. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.

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