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  • Can be used with antiviral medication or on its own
  • Features our unique dual modality approach to well-being
  • Both USDA Certified Organic and FDA Registered
  • Approved for Over-The-Counter sales

H-Balm comes in Regular, Extra and Extreme Strength
H-Balm Daily for Suppressive Therapy

Be smart about how you treat your body.

This Certified Organic OTC medication is an effective remedy for outbreaks and cold sores*. This product contains no toxins, chemicals or pesticides. When you are treating any ailment the last thing you want to do is expose your body to any chemicals as this further stresses your system.

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Important Information on Cold Sores and Related Outbreaks

The Herpes Virus is a well-known virus that can produce a variety of symptoms. It commonly occurs as a Herpes simplex virus infection or Herpes Zoster infection. Within the United States, epidemiological studies have shown that more than 90% of individuals over the age of 40 years are susceptible to developing reactivation of the virus (chicken pox at a younger age is counted as the first attack). However, with vaccines the recurrence rate seems to have decreased.

The herpes virus can affect different systems and thus cause different infections. This is discussed below, along with the Herpes treatment of these infections.

Types of Herpes

1. Genital Herpes
This is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus – 1 and 2. It is transmitted through sexual contact with an individual who suffers from oral or genital herpes. Patients complain of painful blisters over the genital area, with occasional fever and pain when passing urine. Even following treatment, it can recur.

2. Oral Herpes
This form is also caused by the Herpes Simplex-1 virus. Transmission is through kissing or oral sex with someone who carries the virus. The characteristic feature is a blister on the edge of the mouth, commonly called a cold sore, that can be painful.

3. Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
This is caused by the Herpes Zoster virus. It occurs due to reactivation of the virus during adulthood in someone who has suffered from chicken pox as a child. The virus lies dormant for years after chicken pox, and can flare up in response to certain triggers or without any reason. Patients suffer from a rash that affects a few nerves under the skin. It can be red and quite painful.


Most cases of herpes infection are diagnosed from history of the illness and clinical examination.


The main problem associated with herpes infection is recurrence. In cases of shingles, the pain can sometimes remain, and will require special treatments.

Treatment of Herpes infections

There are a variety of Herpes treatments available to relieve symptoms and outbreaks, but there does not appear to be a permanent cure.

Forces of Nature's H-Balm Control is a potent, certified (USDA) organic remedy shown to naturally heal the body and soothe the symptoms of outbreaks*. H-Balm is a proprietary formula manufactured only by Forces of Nature has been shown to ease pain and discomfort, and provides soothing relief from cold sores, skin eruptions and other forms of outbreaks*. While it is effective on its own, it can safely be used with other drugs that act against the herpes virus.


Outbreaks can be bothersome and rather painful at times. While there is no cure, safe and effective Cold Sore medications are available that can make living with this condition a lot easier.  Forces of Nature H-Balm Control provides an all natural medication that has been shown to be safe and effective at relieving the discomfort and embarrassment of cold sores and other outbreaks*.